What is Nosprawl?

Nosprawl is security for Dev/Ops. As Dev/Ops matures and finds broader adoption in enterprises, the scope of Dev/Ops must be expanded to include all the teams and stakeholders that contribute to application delivery including security. NoSprawl integrates with software development platforms to check for security vulnerabilities throughout the entire software development lifecycle to deliver verified secure software before it gets into production.

NoSprawl Benefits

Cloud Provider Integration

The cloud is a shared responsibility. That means customers and cloud service providers must work together to protect applications and data, meet compliance regulations, and ensure business continuity.

If your customers’ security doesn’t go beyond the native cloud, then they aren’t meeting their shared. NoSprawl integrates with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Google Cloud.

For IT Security

The current plethora of security tools and solutions that take a defensive approach with time-consuming manual detection and remediation obviously aren’t helping you improve your organization’s security posture.

Our platform functionality allows you to efficiently define and run security checks throughout the SDLC process in your organization. Once a problem has been identified, our remediation findings guides you to fix the problem and feed directly into your organization’s delivery processes.

For Developers

The DevOps methodologies your organization adopts enables operations and infrastructure teams to support your faster application and feature delivery - But what about security? You’ve mastered going fast, but going fast and secure is nearly impossible using legacy security scanning tools and processes.

For Executives

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It! If you haven’t been asked yet, consider yourself lucky. Enterprise security is now a board-level discussion as new security regulations are introduced and headlines daily spotlight fines levied against organizations who aren’t scanning regularly and fixing known issues. If you’re not taking aggressive actions against internal and external vulnerabilities, then you may be found liable.

QA Managers

Security can be a barrier to starting new development projects, as well as releasing your new capabilities to market. We’re giving you a powerful new Developer-Defined Security capability called NoSprawl that seamlessly integrates into your existing continuous delivery workflow, allowing you to build more secure applications faster. You can now leverage the same tools being used in production for app development to ensure that end-user applications are delivered more securely than ever.

End Result

NoSprawl enables teams to deliver secure software with confidence. NoSprawl provides full transparency for Executives, Developers, QA and Security professional to quickly identify and remediate code vulnerabilities before they go to production. NoSprawl enables Continuous Secure Deployments.

The Team

NoSprawl was founded in April, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. NoSprawl is currently comprised of a core team of security experts, auditors, developers, and a team of business strategists. The core team all hail from extremely prestigious organizations. Some of these individuals and their work have earned a reputation in the Internet security field & recognized as industry experts in virtualization, patch management, & IT infrastructure.

IT Ops Technology Partners

Technology partners provide cloud products that accelerate the adoption of our strategic partners’ core offerings and enable companies to go “more cloud.” Our technology partners’ products are independent solutions that complement offerings from our strategic and solution partners to provide additional value to the overall customer solution. Our IT Ops technology partners are Chef, Jenkins, Puppet Labs, and Docker.

Puppet Labs

Alliance Partner Program

NoSprawl enjoys partnerships with VARs, service providers, consulting firms, and auditors looking to bring patch visibility and establish a SecDevOps program to their clients worldwide. A partnership with NoSprawl allows for the delivery of the best SecDevOps services to your customers. We offer a traveling audit licenses and managed services for enterprise level organizations. With NoSprawl, a API for custom development, full product support, training and much more. NoSprawl works closely with all of their value-added resellers worldwide.


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